New printer maintenance solution Nov 04, 2022

From the emergence of DTF printing technology to the present, AIIFAR has always insisted on improving DTF printing technology. After two years of the development experience and technology accumulation , AIIFAR has developed a set of solutions ahead of all competitors for extending the service life of the nozzle. We improved the service life of the print head fundamentally , reduced the maintenance work that customers need to do, and broke through the technical barriers that DTF printers are easily get clogged due to white ink.

Because of AIIFAR have distinguished ability of independent research and development of boards, whether it is developing new technologies or optimizing the technical problems of DTF printing, the efficiency of our DTF printers can be significantly improved.The best proof is that our newest launched DTF maintenance station is ahead of the DTF industry.

Maintenance of nozzles is often a major problem for many DTF printers.Through our independent development of our boards AIIFAR can realize the automatic moisturizing function for users and activate the intelligent cleaning function during the printing process . With the support of these two functions, the results of nozzle test are almost perfect each time , which shows the excellent effect of our new maintenance station.

In order to perform the maintenance function of the DTF printer perfectly, the program must be based on the independently developed board.In addtion,it also requires exquisite mechanical design to achieve the best automatic moisturizing effect and intelligent cleaning effect.

In order to better combine automatic moisturizing and intelligent cleaning, AIIFAR’s engineers have designed the new maintenance station with an unprecedented bold design.

For the detailed operation process, please watch this link video:

New maintenance cap:

Intelligent cleaning function:

Through the ingenious design of the maintenance cover, the engineers have designed that the internal and external air pressures in the between of cap and printheads are consistent during ink absorption, preventing waste ink from flowing back to the Nozzle effectively due to the difference in air pressure, and  improving the success rate of intelligent cleaning greatly. During the printing process, the maintenance cover also plays an important role in dust prevention. In order to create a dust-free cap environment as much as possible during intelligent cleaning, the sensor is used to seal the cap and the maintenance cover accurately.

In the past two years of , AIIFAR has listened carefully to the feedback of customers. In order to help our users to cope with various printing environments more calmly,  we have designed a customized printer software in software engineering. Our customers can contact us at any time remotely if they need to  adjust the  function value of the printer according to the actual printing situation .

The above is the latest report on the new maintenance station of AIIFAR. If you are interested in other topics , please contact our sales team.

Today, DTF printers have been widely recognized by the garment printing industry. As a leader in the DTF printer industry, it is our core concept to facethe feedbacks of our customers  actively , develope new technologies for excellence constantly and dare to   design practical functions one by one innovatively.

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