80CM powder shaker machine
80CM dtf powder shaker

Professional-Grade DTF Powder Shaker for Commercial Printing Businesses

The powder used in the shaker is typically made from a type of plastic that melts when exposed to heat, allowing it to fuse with the ink and the fabric during the transfer process.
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Professional-Grade DTF Powder Shaker for Commercial Printing Businesses

There are many different types of DTF powder shakers available on the market, ranging from small, handheld devices to larger, automated machines. Some powder shakers also come with built-in features such as adjustable powder flow rates and timers, allowing for greater control over the printing process and ensuring consistent results.

1.The heating area is longer and the heating temperature is more uniform.

2.The powder dusting induction sensitivity is higher, and the preheating system has a smoke exhaust function to prevent powder sticking.

3. Strengthened back-baking heating to prevent the film from returning to moisture.

4. Better heating control scheme, which greatly reduces energy consumption (more than 30% reduction in power consumption compared to the previous generation).

5. Tension take-up device, the winding is more neat.

6. The new smoke purifier uses a thermal superconducting smoke purification system, which is more environmentally friendly and has a longer effect.

7. A higher frequency powder removal system is used to reduce noise.

8. The optimized suction drum can better prevent slippage.

60CM Shake Powder Machine
Shaking Powder
Motor vibration,
automatic powder return-free
Heating Method
Back baking and front baking Fast constant temperature heating
Take-up and Feed Film
Constant tension automatic induction system
Operation Mode
Manual control/Auto control
Mesh Belt
Drum suction operation mesh belt
Automatic Deceleration of Film Cutting
Prevent deformation of heating film
Method of Dusting
Constant weight automatic sensing
Feeding size
Machine Weight
Package Weight
Machine Size
186.5*107*105.5 cm
Packing Size
193*114.5*110.5cm cbm:2.44
With double All-in-one smoke purifiers

About us

AIIFAR has two factories in Guanazhou and Foshan, with a total factory area of more than 10,000 squaremeters, and we have more than 250 long-term employees. There are more than 50 after-sales team and morethan 30 R&D personnel. Several after-sales personnel have more than 5 years of after-sales experience, andthe R&D personnel have a large number of senior engineers with more than 10 years of R&D experience



What is the difference between DTF and DTG?
In DTG, the drawing and ink are mixed with the fabric and feel rougher to the touch, like the base itself, while in DTF, the fixer makes it feel plastic, brighter, and has less adhesion to the fabric.

Is the sublimation shirt okay?
The process is suitable for 100% cotton, cotton polyester blends, etc. While sublimation works with most 100% polyester materials, the inks perform better on lighter colors. If you are printing on a dark polyester shirt, your ink may look dull or faded due to the dark pigment in the shirt.

Is sublimation printing expensive?
Dye sublimation is affordable. Sublimation printing used to be expensive and daunting due to the variety of equipment and multi-step processes required. That's a whopping $20,000 for the printer alone, not including the cost of the heat press.

What does DTF mean in print?
Direct to Film or DTF is a process that uses a hot pressing mechanism to transfer prints to fabric or other substrates. Unlike the DTG method, which is only applicable to cotton fabrics, the Printer DTF method can be applied to cotton and polyester blends.

Why choose us?

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--The more details you provide such as model No, quantity,quality request, the better price you will get.
--If you order sample first,we will add some sample fee, but it will be returned to you once you release the order.
--Fast production time! Full inspection! Factory direct!

How to order?
--Send Inquiry of the model and qty you want to get latest price.
--Confirm the order details and then confirm the PI.
--Arrange the deposit, and then start production.
--Keep you posted the order status and finish them in few weeks.


Container By Sea or  by Air .


1set, can discuss with details order.

What's your warranty?
We normally will provide one or two years warranties according to different models.
If the product is caused by factory mistakes, We will give you free replacement.
If it was damaged during the shipping or other reasons, we will provide the best solutions for you.

What payment do you accept?
T/T,L/C,Western Union,D/P,D/A,MoneyGram

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Leave A Message
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!