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Guangzhou Aiifar Electronics Co., Ltd.
As the leader of DTF printer in China, AIIFAR adheres to the company philosophy of focusing on providing customers with excellent products and industry solutions. People-oriented, encourage innovation, and forge elites. Innovative, rigorous and pragmatic. Provide professional and considerate service Our company has two factories in Guanazhou and Foshan, with a total factory area of more than 10,000 squaremeters, and we have more than 250 long-term employees. There are more than 50 after-sales team and morethan 30 R&D personnel. Several after-sales personnel have more than 5 years of after-sales experience, andthe R&D personnel have a large number of senior engineers with more than 10 years of R&D experience R&D team Excellent products come from a tireless, diligent and rigorous R&D team. Focusing on the research and development of DTF printer machine to bring our customers a steady stream of wonderful benefits Our company is very excited to display our independent research DTF printer technology at APPP EXPO. We met many professionals and expert all over the world at APPP EXPO. We are very grateful to APPP EXPO for invite us to meet at the same time Space for technology sharing and discussion. Recognized and praised by many customers, AIIFAR dtf printer will make unremitting efforts to develop more excellent products, provide all customers with better service and the most outstanding product advantages, so that more customers using AIIFAR dtf printer can enjoy a better life With a French DTF company to which this engineer belongs. In the year of close cooperation with them, AIIFAR engineers earnestly considered the feedback from customers and developed a number of DTF printer technologies patents. AIIFAR A2 DTF printer soon won the recognition of the French customer and began to negotiate the cooperation strategy for the new year.
Is a company dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and professional after-sales service of digital printing equipment
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Not sure which direct-to-film printer is right for you and your project? We've got you covered. Contact one of our experienced team members at AIIFAR today. For your convenience, we offer AIIFAR DTF printers, regular printers, and more, so you can find all the direct-to-film printers and products you need in one place. Check out our available printers below, or contact us at AIIFAR today for more information. We're happy to answer any printing-related questions you may have. Our vision is to be a one stop shop for all your DTF needs, providing outstanding customer service to support printers, parts and supplies. We have real phone calls, instructional videos, and even marketing ideas for your company to help you increase sales and increase profits by using our high-quality printers.
  • R&D & Production
    In terms of brand safety, we adopt traceable production line management. Each individual sheet metal part is marked with a traceability code Reasonably control the quality of each printer detail
  • Safety & Convenience
    The Printing speed is reach 15 ²m per hour A new maintenance station that cleanses and moisturizes in one The powder shaker saves 41% of electricity consumption The world's unique integrated smoke purifier patent
  • Professional After-sales Service
    Professional after-sales service is online 24 hours full day. Global real-time reply within half an hour One-to-one adjustment of printer data to adapt to different working environments
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As the supply chain of DTF printers becomes more and more mature, DTF printing has completely changed the game of the textile printing industry. Compared with DTG and traditional Silk Screen Printing, DTF printing is not only more economical printing solution but also is compatible with most fabrics in fashion industry.


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    Revolutionizing Printing: Interweave printing the fastest DTF Feeding solution in 2023
    This year, AIIFAR has introduced an innovative patent DTF printing technology known as "Interweave Printing." This technology relies on advanced algorithms to synchronize the printer's nozzle with the speed of paper movement seamlessly. This collaboration allows the inkjet nozzle to move in a diagonal pattern, creating a distinctive "X" trajectory, much like a weaving grid, hence the name "In...
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    Revolutionizing Printing: Interweave printing the fastest DTF Feeding solution in 2023
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    DTF printer latest product information
    Our company has recently developed a new series of 8-color DTFprinter. The design concept of this new series is mainly to make the DTF color area wider than ever before, so that customers can make prints with higher color quality as they want. We add lc lm lk llk to the traditional CMYK four-color ink to make the gradient color performance more delicate. It also enhances the ability to show t...
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    DTF printer latest product information
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    Aiifar Electronic Products Co., Ltd. Product development history
    --2013, Guangzhou Aiifar Electronic Products Co., Ltd. was established to pioneer the AF series of advertising printers. --2019, July. AIIFAR pioneered DTF (Direct to film), integrating rich experience in printer manufacturing with an original ink circuit pressure circulation system. Using AIIFAR's unique sensor patent to create the first white ink ironing spreading oven. --2019, November, by stud...
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     Aiifar Electronic Products Co., Ltd. Product development history

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