• Foreign friends visit the factory
    Foreign friends visit the factory Dec 06, 2022
    2022 is about to end and winter is coming quietly, this year we have been cooperating with a French DTF company to which this engineer belongs. In the year of close cooperation with them, AIIFAR engineers earnestly considered the feedback from customers and developed a number of DTF printer technologies patents. In December this year, after they knew that our newly developed new maintenance station would greatly improve the printheads life of DTF printer, they expressed that they would like to send a engineers from France to visit our company again to verify its reliability and practicality. Finally, after several days of functional testing and use scenario simulation, the results indicated that the new maintainer can really protect the printheads life of the DTF printer. The A2 DTF printer of AIIFAR soon won the recognition of the French customer and began to negotiate the cooperation plan for the new year.
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  • Participate in APPP EXPO exhibition
    Participate in APPP EXPO exhibition Dec 07, 2022
    Our company is very excited to display our independent researchDTF printer technologyat APPP EXPO. We met many professionals and expert all over the world at APPP EXPO. We are very grateful to APPP EXPO for invite us to meet at the same time Space for technology sharing and discussion. Starting from 2020, DTF printer technology will definitely be a revolutionary and innovative technology in thefashion printing industry. Various Visitors stopped at our booth for consultation soon. And our consultant are almost dizzyingly busy. The most eyeball-catching machine is our intelligentpowder shaker with integrated smoke purifier. In addition, we measured power consumption of a whole set ofDTF printing system, and the result of the power consumption performance was lower 39% than other machines of the same size, we gained more recognition from many visitor. With the intelligentautomatic function of the powder shaker, although the printer has been working throughout the exhibition, there is no need for additional staff to perform any operations. Everyday in the exhibition our booth wasin full swing! This exhibition is very meaningful for our company. We are very grateful to all the visitor for coming and our company's professional salesman. We will appreciate that you wouldstay tuned forour company innovative technology of DTF printer.
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  • New Generation Neon color presented on DTF printing.
    New Generation Neon color presented on DTF printing. Dec 06, 2022
    It is believed that many users from the DTF printing industry will encounter such a problem. The color of the pattern designed on the computer is always inferior to the color actually printed. It seems that the color on the design drawing cannot be reproduced perfectly. This is because the color gamut of textile printers is not so rich as that of electronic displays. Based on the ink color CMYK, a point is repeatedly toned, and the color that can be displayed is very limited. But does this mean that DTF cannot have excellent color performance? For this question, Love sent a negative answer. In December 2022, Aifa Research released a new nine color printer, which is based on Aifa's print board for new programming and development. Cooperate with Flex print, a software development company of RIP, to create a 9-color printer driver for Aifa. Printable colors include CMYK+W+LC+LM+NM+NY. Thanks to these colors, Aifa DTF printers can show more vivid color effects than ordinary 6-color or 4-color printers.
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  • tunisian friend visit the factory
    tunisian friend visit the factory Feb 01, 2023
    In the past two years, the DTF printing technology pioneered by AIIFAR Electronics has become more and more mature,DTF printing technology has been widely recognized by many garment printing manufacturers. Now DTF technology has spread all over the world, and the European, American and Southeast Asian markets are almost completely covered.More and more trade dealers are noticing the development potential of this emerging technology, They have come to AIIFAR Electronics to seek cooperation opportunities for the local market. On December 21st, Afa Company warmly entertained a Tunisian customer from North Africa. The Tunisian customer said that DTF technology has absolutely changed the production scale and production cost of garment printing, which is a revolutionary technology.At the same time, for Tunisia, which has not yet popularized DTF equipment, it will be a rare opportunity to bring DTF printing equipment back to Tunisia for sale. The salesman of AIIFAR Company led him to show the whole process of producing the machine.Here he saw AIIFAR Electronics' laser technology accurate to every millimeter, standardized assembly process, and most importantly, AIIFAR has a technical team which consist of well-experienced practitioners.Finally, through the actual display of the machine, the stable and fully automated operation gave the Tunisian customer confidence, initiated a formal inquiry to the salesman, and began to negotiate details of future cooperation.
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