Aiifar Electronic Products Co., Ltd. Product development history Mar 15, 2023

--2013, Guangzhou Aiifar Electronic Products Co., Ltd. was established to pioneer the AF series of advertising printers.

--2019, July. AIIFAR pioneered DTF (Direct to film), integrating rich experience in printer manufacturing with an original ink circuit pressure circulation system. Using AIIFAR's unique sensor patent to create the first white ink ironing spreading oven.

--2019, November, by studying a large number of customers' demand feedback, AIIFAR engineers develop a new second generation of DTF printer on the initial design of V10. Optimize the printer fixed stand design to provide enough stability for high speed printing.

--2020, Mar. The AIIFAR research team added a preheat drying mode to the powder shaker in response to the moisture-prone nature of DTF consumables. To avoid deformation of the transfer film in the oven, the suction roller feeding film solution was used for this machine.

--2020, September AIIFAR launches the first weight on film sensing technology and membrane sensing technology to automate DTF spreader.

--2021, Feb. AIIFAR independently developed the world's first powder shaker with an integrated air purification device and launched it in the same year. The printer is optimized to add LED detection backlight, which can detect errors and make adjustments at the first time, and the printhead line adds waterproof function and other designs.

--2021, 11. The design details are completely upgraded, with upgraded never-break white ink mixer to avoid clogging of the printhead due to white ink deposition, more sensitive anti-collision piece to avoid head impact of the printhead, and other designs.

--AIIFAR developed the world's first DTF printer with automatic printhead moisturization technology, doubling the life of the printhead.

--2022, Autumn. AIIFAR has created the world's latest DTF patented printing technology - compilation typing method, to achieve uninterrupted paper walking and non-stop data transmission of DTF printers, and through the self-developed intelligent temperature control technology to greatly reduce the powder spreader 50% energy consumption, update the design of no return powder, update the automatic correction procedure of paper walking system.

AIIFAR believes in eco-friendly printing solutions, combined with our state-of-the-art technology DTF printers, to help you contribute to a greener ecosystem. Green printing is the future, and at AIIFAR we are always developing new products and technologies for sustainable printing solutions.

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