Revolutionizing Printing: Interweave printing the fastest DTF Feeding solution in 2023 Oct 10, 2023

This year, AIIFAR has introduced an innovative patent DTF printing technology known as "Interweave Printing." This technology relies on advanced algorithms to synchronize the printer's nozzle with the speed of paper movement seamlessly. This collaboration allows the inkjet nozzle to move in a diagonal pattern, creating a distinctive "X" trajectory, much like a weaving grid, hence the name "Interweave Printing".


Compared to conventional printing methods, Weave Printing offers several significant advantages:


1. Enhanced image resolution due to higher ink droplet density.

2. Reduced waiting time for paper advancement through diagonal movement, greatly boosting printing speed.

3. Images are constructed in an "X" shape, ensuring that even in cases of ink droplet breakage or suboptimal nozzle conditions, print quality remains relatively unaffected.


To substantiate these advantages, we provide data as evidence.

At the same resolution settings, traditional printing achieves a speed of 10 square meters per hour, while Weave Printing achieves a speed of 15 square meters per hour, representing an efficiency increase of over 25%. Furthermore, our printers employ an energy-efficient heating solution with patented technology, resulting in savings of at least 5KW of electricity when compared to other brand machines.Our patented automatic mode enables a single operator to control three machines simultaneously. This translates to significant monthly savings in electricity costs and labor wages, potentially allowing you to acquire an additional new printer.


Additionally, AIIFAR DTF printers come equipped with unique features, including an automatic nozzle cleaning system, constant tension paper feed system, and automatic idle humidification, further enhancing print efficiency and quality.


In summary, Weave Printing technology offers higher resolution, faster printing speeds, and fault tolerance for high-quality image printing. We have also created a video demonstration vividly illustrating the differences between traditional and Weave Printing methods (video link:

If you are interested in our technology and would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us(Leave your message in our site or Whatsapp/Wechat +86 150 1558 8080 directly). We look forward to collaborating with you.

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