Necessary knowledge in the printing industry: daily maintenance of the print head 2 Nov 04, 2022

In the previous article, we talked about the importance of daily cleaning and some theoretical knowledge of printers. Many printers on the market have the MASK function. In many cases, Due to the mask functionIn many cases, the nozzles are blocked and cannot be known in time. So we must use the test function of the printer before each printing to check whether each nozzle is in good condition. Then in this article, I will share how to judge the condition of the test strip and some regular cleaning method of the nozzle.

I will introduce two common situations to judge through color square detection methods that mentioned in the previous article.

One of them is a simple case, when all test strips appear some missing printing on different position like the photo1, what means that after cleaning function, there are still ink droplets left in the nozzle. The specific solution is to use the nozzle cleaning function repeatedly until a complete test strip is printed.

The second simple case, when all test strips appear some missing printing on same position, after repeated use of the cleaning function.. At this time, it means that the nozzle has been completely blocked. The solution is as follows: put the liquid on the ink pad, reset the printhead position, turn off the machine and soak it for 15-20 minutes, then restart the machine, use the drink function to absorb ink 5-6 times, and automatically clean it for 2-3 times and then test whether the blockage is elimination.

Somebody with strong hands-on ability can choose the following way:

Prepare two syringes and a clean plastic tube, pure water and regular liquid.

1.First, use a syringe to inject pure water into the print head. Do not use too much force. Slowly inject the print head to wash out the ink in the print head, Then use another syringe to forcefully extract the waste ink

2. After several times to ensure that the pure water flowing out of the nozzle holes is colorless, slowly inject the liquid into the nozzle,drop the liquid on the the non-woven fabric and place the print head on it. After 10 minutes, use a syringe for waste ink to suck out the impurities in the print head, then use a pure water syringe to slowly inject and rush it, and then use a syringe for waste ink to suck out the impurities in the print head again, repeat several times until the print head is no impurities are presented, the pure water dripping from the nozzle is clear.

3.Finally,use pure water syringe with a little force to check whether the water mist is complete and the stream are smooth.

Precautions: Avoid water entering the interface between the nozzle and the cable, and no water can enter the nozzle interface. When reconnecting the nozzle to the machine, you must pay attention to the cable sequence of the nozzle, so as not to cause damage to the print head. The whole process should not be carried out for too long,

so as not to cause the ink remaining in the nozzle get dry and block again.

Ink selection

In addition to daily maintenance of the print head, choosing the right ink for the print head is also an important step to prevent the print head from clogging. In order to quickly solidify on the film, DTF ink is much less fluid than ordinary ink. If the ink is not selected properly, it is easy to cause the nozzle to block, and the nozzle may be replaced within 3 months.Most of the resellers choose their ink suppliers because of the price, not like AIIREY,have the conditions to test whether the ink is compatible with the printer. .

In the next article we will tell you how to choose the right ink.

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