Participate in APPP EXPO exhibition Dec 07, 2022

Our company is very excited to display our independent researchDTF printer technologyat APPP EXPO. We met many professionals and expert all over the world at APPP EXPO. We are very grateful to APPP EXPO for invite us to meet at the same time Space for technology sharing and discussion.

Starting from 2020, DTF printer technology will definitely be a revolutionary and innovative technology in thefashion printing industry. Various Visitors stopped at our booth for consultation soon. And our consultant are almost dizzyingly busy. The most eyeball-catching machine is our intelligentpowder shaker with integrated smoke purifier. In addition, we measured power consumption of a whole set ofDTF printing system, and the result of the power consumption performance was lower 39% than other machines of the same size, we gained more recognition from many visitor. With the intelligentautomatic function of the powder shaker, although the printer has been working throughout the exhibition, there is no need for additional staff to perform any operations.

Everyday in the exhibition our booth wasin full swing! This exhibition is very meaningful for our company. We are very grateful to all the visitor for coming and our company's professional salesman. We will appreciate that you wouldstay tuned forour company innovative technology of DTF printer.

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