New Generation Neon color presented on DTF printing. Dec 06, 2022

It is believed that many users from the DTF printing industry will encounter such a problem. The color of the pattern designed on the computer is always inferior to the color actually printed. It seems that the color on the design drawing cannot be reproduced perfectly. This is because the color gamut of textile printers is not so rich as that of electronic displays. Based on the ink color CMYK, a point is repeatedly toned, and the color that can be displayed is very limited. But does this mean that DTF cannot have excellent color performance? For this question, Love sent a negative answer.

In December 2022, Aifa Research released a new nine color printer, which is based on Aifa's print board for new programming and development. Cooperate with Flex print, a software development company of RIP, to create a 9-color printer driver for Aifa. Printable colors include CMYK+W+LC+LM+NM+NY. Thanks to these colors, Aifa DTF printers can show more vivid color effects than ordinary 6-color or 4-color printers.

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