Unlocking the Future: AIIFAR's Next-Generation UV DTF Printer Redefines Printing Excellence Feb 26, 2024

What is UV DTF ?

UV DTF (Direct to Film Transfer) printing is an advanced digital printing technique that involves transferring ink directly onto a film substrate using UV-curable inks. This process offers several advantages, such as high-quality prints, versatility in printing on various materials, and environmental friendliness due to low VOC emissions. However, there are also some limitations, including the initial investment cost for equipment and the need for proper ventilation due to the use of UV-curable inks.


Whats the different between UV DTF printers and UV printer? Or Traditional DTF Printers?

When comparing UV DTF printers with traditional UV printers and conventional DTF printers, it's crucial to delve into their specific differences.


UV DTF Printers vs. UV Printers:

UV DTF printers and conventional UV printers both utilize UV-curable inks; however, their application methods and versatility vary significantly. While UV printers deposit ink directly onto surfaces, UV DTF printers excel in their ability to print directly onto film substrates. This unique feature eliminates the need for transfer paper, resulting in sharper, more vibrant prints with enhanced durability. Additionally, UV DTF printers offer superior adhesion to various materials, including metals, plastics, and paper, making them ideal for a wide range of applications beyond traditional UV printing surfaces.


UV DTF Printers vs. Traditional DTF Printers:

When comparing UV DTF printers with traditional DTF printers, the advantages of UV DTF become even more apparent. While both methods involve transferring ink onto substrates, traditional DTF printing is primarily limited to fabric surfaces due to the nature of the transfer process. In contrast, UV DTF printers offer unparalleled versatility, allowing for printing on various surfaces such as metals, plastics, and paper, in addition to fabric. This expanded range of applications opens up new possibilities for UV DTF printing in industries beyond textiles, including signage, packaging, and product decoration. Furthermore, UV DTF printing eliminates the need for transfer paper and additional transfer steps, streamlining the printing process and reducing production costs.


In summary, UV DTF printing offers significant advantages over traditional UV and DTF printing methods, with its ability to print directly onto film substrates and its wide-ranging applications across different surface materials. This innovation represents a significant leap forward in digital printing technology, providing unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and quality.


AIIFAR A3 UV DTF Printer Coming up!

AIIFAR stands as a pioneering force in the industry, boasting over 20 years of extensive experience in DTF printing. With an independent research and development team and a comprehensive one-stop production line, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field. In 2024, we proudly introduce our UV DTF printer, representing a significant leap forward in printing technology.


Our UV DTF printer retains the advantages of traditional DTF printers while incorporating innovative UV printing technology. Featuring three printheads (one Epson I3200 and two Epson I1600), our printer is equipped with our patented weaving printing technology, ensuring unparalleled printing precision and quality. Automatic printhead cleaning mechanisms (limited to ink extraction), upgraded maintenance stations, and ultra-low power consumption further enhance the efficiency and longevity of our printer. Additionally, our UV DTF printer is equipped with white ink mixers to prevent ink sedimentation and clogging, with a maximum printing width of 300mm.


The standout feature of our UV DTF printer lies in its incorporation of an internal air purification system. We understand the concerns regarding the strong ink odors emitted by UV printers during operation, which may pose health risks with prolonged exposure. Therefore, we have integrated an air purification system into our printer design. Drawing from our experience with the DTF shaker, which features an integrated smoke purifier that effectively removes smoke generated during the transfer process, our UV DTF printer's air purification system operates similarly. It efficiently captures and filters out ink odors produced during printing, ensuring a healthier working environment. Through the purification of the filter, our printer maximizes environmental friendliness and minimizes carbon footprint, embodying our commitment to sustainability.



Welcome to AIIFARs booth in 2024 APPP EXPO

The AIIFAR team will be attending the 2024 APPP EXPO at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center from February 28th to March 2nd, booth number2.2H A-0693. We will be showcasing our latest A3 UV DTF Printer at the exhibition. We cordially invite professionals from all industries to visit our booth and witness our innovative printing technology firsthand. Our team of experts will be available to discuss your printing needs and provide tailored UV printing solutions. Join us at the exhibition to explore the possibilities of UV DTF printing and discover how AIIFAR can elevate your printing experience!

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