dtf printer machine
Printing Callibartion
Different from traditional printers, since DTF printers need white ink as a spot color to accurately cover color inks, DTF printers have extremely high requirements for the accuracy of paper feeding. For AIIFAR, which has been in the printing industry for many years, it is naturally keenly aware that the common stepper motor cannot automatically adapt to the narrowing of the film diameter during the DTF printing process, so that the accuracy of paper feeding becomes unreliable. AIIFAR can offer perfect solution, we got inspiration from large-scale printer machines, and became the fisrt company that apply the tension balance paper feeding systerm to DTF printers in the world. Through the tension balance paper feeding system, as long as the film can be installed on DTF printer, no matter how wide the film diameter is, the paper feeding system no longer needs any manual adjustment until the last meter is printed.

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