60CM printer
Full Set Direct to film Printer
Full Set Direct to film Printer
Full Set Direct to film Printer

Nice Price 2022 hot sale Automatic Full Set 60CM dtf printer Manufacturer

With a print width of 24 inches, this AIIFAR dtf printer fits any size print shop and offers productivity for both entry-level and mature production environments.
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Nice Price 2022 hot sale Automatic Full Set 60CM dtf printer Manufacturer

Direct to film Printer is no pick and place, available at any office location, allowing you to create custom t-shirts and apparel quickly and easily. With low prices and perfect sizes, this is a great choice for anyone entering or expanding into the custom clothing market. It produces long-lasting and intense color prints. It is your best choice to increase profits

1. Solve the picky problem of direct-injection printing fabrics, not limited to fabric transfer.
2. Don't worry about color difference and fastness.
3. No stroke, no cutting and waste discharge, one-key dotting function.
4. The cycle is short and the delivery time is fast, breaking through the limitations of traditional process color registration plate making, digital output rapid plate making, no need to wait for production, any operation can start a printing.
5. Cost-effective, without high investment in equipment and venues, you can have office and home-style clothing heat transfer factories.

60cm DTF machine
Nozzle Type
2 original Epson I3200
Printing Speed
4 pass 720*1200 :High speed mode 15m²/hour
6 pass 720*1800 :HD mode 10m²/hour
8 pass 720*2400 :HD mode 8m²/hour
Color Mode
Print Format
Media Transfer
Damping paper/tension paper
Heating Equipment
Front, middle and back three-stage heating
Power Supply
110V/220V 50-60Hz
Working Environment
Temperature 20-28℃ Humidity 70%
Ink road system
Automatic ink supply,
Constant pressure circulation system
Package Dimensions
181*94*136cm cbm:2.31
Shake powder machine
Shaking Powder
Motor vibration,
automatic powder return-free
Heating Method
Back baking and front baking Fast constant temperature heating
Take-up and Feed Film
Constant tension automatic induction system
Operation Mode
Manual control/Auto control
Mesh Belt
Drum suction operation mesh belt
Automatic Deceleration of Film Cutting
Prevent deformation of heating film
Method of Dusting
Constant weight automatic sensing
Machine Weight
Package Weight
Package Dimensions
193*114.5*110.5cm cbm:2.44
With All-in-one smoke purifier
Cover Area
About us

AIIFAR has two factories in Guanazhou and Foshan, with a total factory area of more than 10,000 squaremeters, and we have more than 250 long-term employees. There are more than 50 after-sales team and morethan 30 R&D personnel. Several after-sales personnel have more than 5 years of after-sales experience, andthe R&D personnel have a large number of senior engineers with more than 10 years of R&D experience



What is the difference between DTF and DTG?
In DTG, the drawing and ink are mixed with the fabric and feel rougher to the touch, like the base itself, while in DTF, the fixer makes it feel plastic, brighter, and has less adhesion to the fabric.

Is the sublimation shirt okay?
The process is suitable for 100% cotton, cotton polyester blends, etc. While sublimation works with most 100% polyester materials, the inks perform better on lighter colors. If you are printing on a dark polyester shirt, your ink may look dull or faded due to the dark pigment in the shirt.

Is sublimation printing expensive?
Dye sublimation is affordable. Sublimation printing used to be expensive and daunting due to the variety of equipment and multi-step processes required. That's a whopping $20,000 for the printer alone, not including the cost of the heat press.

What does DTF mean in print?
Direct to Film or DTF is a process that uses a hot pressing mechanism to transfer prints to fabric or other substrates. Unlike the DTG method, which is only applicable to cotton fabrics, the Printer DTF method can be applied to cotton and polyester blends.

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Leave A Message
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!